Welcome to the Official Nations Discord!

by on February 10, 2018

Nations finally has its own official Discord server! Not sure what that means? Read this article to find out!

A lot of you probably know what Discord is, but for those of you that don’t: Discord is basically a community-driven text and voice chat service. It’s kinda like a forum, but easier to get into and use. No more posting and replying to threads. Just talk about what seems relevant for the channel you’re in! It’s all about connecting the community in a simpler way.

Nations Official Discord Server
Nations Official Discord Server

So, don’t hesitate! Join the Nations Community today by following this link: https://discord.gg/MrUnpya

Finally, I want thank game moderator Samoht for setting up this Discord server. It is really great! I urge everyone to give it a go.

Wait a second… What about the forums?

Well, the forums will live for now, but I really, like, seriously, struggle with spam bots. It’s so bad that I’ve had to disable registrations, and every time I’ve made changes and updates to the forums, to then re-enable registrations, the spam bots return. Never ending. Apocalyptic.

In the end, I do consider this Discord server to be a replacement to the forums, but I will not get rid of it for a while yet.

Discord is the future for the Nations Community: https://discord.gg/MrUnpya

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