Turning the in-game battles into a social experience

by on April 15, 2016

In wars and battles information is crucial. And now, for the first time ever in Nations, your epic battles can be watched in real-time by anyone, all over the world. You can even exchange opinions and banter.

What does this mean? Well, if you go to a battle, live or archived, you will now have the ability to share it on any social network. And anyone, even non-players will be able to follow the battle in real-time.

Like this battle between three player nations.

Using the comments section, you can discuss the ongoing events and its consequences. “Darn it, my level 89 Plump Tank just got killed by a Rioter.”

I hope these new features will add to the social aspect of Nations, and help grow the community. Feel free to discuss in the forums, or even here, in the comments below the article.

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