Patch 0.11.0 – XP and Equipment is Live!

by on April 4, 2016

Level up your units and find epic loot!

List of features:

  • Units will gain experience and eventually level up from winning battles
  • Winning battles will reward Loot Tokens that can be spent on Loot Crates that contain random loot for your units
  • A virtually unlimited amount of new and procedurally generated equipment for you to find
  • A treat for the premium users: Rename your units!
  • New achievements and quests

Patch notes:

  • Healing boosts are now limited to two uses per unit per battle and can no longer be used on dead units
  • Event resource costs and rewards are toned down a bit, and the events themselves will spawn less frequently
  • The ability to see the units in an archived battle has been re-enabled
  • Defenders can no longer swap units in the middle of a battle
  • Other small bug fixes

Feel free to discuss this update in the forums!

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