Armor and speed: Prepare for a change in combat mechanics

by on April 20, 2016

More versatility in defense is in focus as the new patch is closing in on release.

Currently, military units have four stats: Defensive strength, offensive strength, speed and hit points. Defensive strength determines how well the unit fights when being on the defensive side of a battle, and offensive strength determines how well the unit fights when being on the offensive side of a battle. Hit points is how much damage a unit can take before it is destroyed, and speed helps a unit gain earlier initiative.

Goodbye Defensive Strength, hello Armor

In the next patch, defensive strength and offensive strength is merged into one stat (just strength) and speed gets more important.

Take a look at this screenshot:

National Guard with armor

STR (strength) is the new value that helps determine a units chance to hit its target, as well as how much damage it does.

ARM (armor) is a direct damage reduction stat. Currently in the test version, each point of armor reduce 2 incoming damage. This stat has been converted from the Def str stat, so all items that used to have Def str will now have ARM instead.

SPD (speed) helps avoiding getting hit as well as increasing the chance of acting earlier in battle (initiative).

More customization

These changes will allow for a more dynamic dombat engine, as well as giving you more options to customize both your units and your divisions.

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