Nations 2.0 release date announced!

by on April 1, 2017

After almost 6 years of development, Nations is stepping out of the baby beta shoes and into a fully fledged 2.0 release, with new and faster UI, tons of new features, and a completely rebalanced battle system, to name some of the changes. Let’s take a look at how we got here!

The official release of Nations 2.0 is a landmark in the development history of this game. Technically in Beta since its inception way back in 2012 (2011, if you want to be hipster about it), Nations has seen plenty of years with continuous development, new features, balance efforts, developer agony, and developer ecstasy.

The early years (2011-2012)

I had the idea to create something like Nations way back in 2011. I followed the Arab Spring with great interest, and Muammar Gaddafi’s failing rule in Libya triggered a thought experiment: “What would I do if I found myself in charge, with absolute power, of a nation filthy rich in natural resources?”. Without this question Nations would not exist.

Young Nations
Oh, Nations, how young and innocent you once looked (2012)

I didn’t know a whole lot about programming back then, but I had a degree in Interaction Design, I knew HTML and CSS, and my design skills were adequate. Safe to say, I’ve learned a lot working on Nations for six years.

Redesign (2013-2014)

The release of the first beta version in 2012 was a huge deal for me. It was the very first web project I had completed to such a degree that I could open it up to the public. However, my lacking knowledge in the field of web development meant it wouldn’t take long before a redesign was required.

In 2013 this was quite modern looking, you know.
Mobile friendly design
Mobile friendly!

Being able to play on your mobile was important, and something you couldn’t do easily in the original design. This changed in the 2013 version!

Still, not a lot of people played Nations. On average, 15 players would log in on any given day.

People discover Nations (2015-2016)

In March 2015 Nations started to gain traction. Google and social media traffic helped the game grow to host a healthy pool of players. From roughly 15 a day in February to breaking the 200 mark in May.

Traffic increase

The official release (2017 -)

While my programming skills developed dramatically during the years, the current version of Nations failed to prove itself capable of handling the load of several hundred players logging in each day. To add to my developer misery, bugs and exploits had sent the game into an irreversible state of economical inflation and power imbalance.

It was time to sit down and fix it all. Or, try to, at least.

I first thought of redesigning Nations late last year. November 2016 to be more specific. I wanted to create a fast and stable web application using third-party front-end frameworks (wow, that techscalated quickly). I hated the fact that Nations was built on unnecessarily complex spaghetti code, all written from head to toe by me.

From the first day day I started working on the new version I fell in love with it. A daunting process of redesigning a huge game like Nations took only three months to complete (spare time, mind you, as this is not my full time job) as a result of the new and simpler codebase.

New nations
Behold Nations 2.0.

This process of going through and rewriting most of the game code also opened up opportunities to fix old and forgotten bugs, discover new bugs to then fix them, but most valuable, rebalance systems that were previously deemed “unbalanceable”.

All these changes and fixes make me comfortable enough to finally say: “From now on, Nations will no longer be in Beta.”

So, what does this mean, and please, tell me the release date!

Well, it means that from April 26th 2017 what you now know as Nations will be replaced by Nations 2.0. The game will exit Beta state and enter a fully released 2.0 version.

Will anything carry over to the new version? Your core user data and, if applicable, premium subscription will carry over, but your nation will not. Neither will cards or funds. This is a controversial decision, I know, and you can read more about my arguments in this forum thread:

Any questions? Feel free to post them in the forums, and I’ll happily answer.

Try it now! The new version is already playable in a test version that can be found by clicking here. Try it out now to try out early strategies before release!

Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you in Nations 2.0. Take care!

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