Guide: Micro manage your national food consumption to maximise population growth

by on May 5, 2017

In this new series of guides and mini guides we hope to serve you tips and tricks to improve your nation leadership skills. In this first article we’re taking on the task of micro managing your population’s food consumption, a risky but rewarding strategy.

First off, you’re probably asking: “Can I micro manage the food consumption?”.

Yes, you can! Well… Not all of your population’s food usage is customizable (they’ll need some food to not starve), but you can customize the surplus, the food left over when all your citizens have had their dinners and breakfasts and lunches and second breakfasts and… You get the point.


The safe default: Automatic surplus management

Normally the surplus is automatically managed. This means, the higher your food stockpile, the more your population amount will grow each turn (a game turn is an hour).

Here, 16 food is used every hour to feed the population, and 14 food is used for growth.
Here, 16 food is used every hour to feed the population, and 14 food is used for growth.

Having your food surplus automatically managed is the safe option. Why? Because, when your food stockpile runs low, the surplus will automatically scale to preserve as much food as possible so that your population won’t starve.

Ok, so it’s the safe option. So, why would I ever want to manage the surplus myself?

Full throttle: Manual surplus management

Sometimes you just need to grow your population as much as technically possible. You don’t want the safe default auto management, you want the risky approach that yields the highest rewards. You want to find the button Set growth:

"Customize" > "Set growth", found on your dashboard
“Customize” > “Set growth”, found on your dashboard

In the window that opens, you can switch to Manual mode and enter your desired amount of food to spend on growth every turn. Click Confirm to apply the changes.

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As you see there is a max amount displayed. This is the absolute maximum amount of food you can spend on growth every turn. The max amount is determined by three factors:

  1. You can not enter a number higher than your current food stockpile.
  2. Your population can not grow by more than 1% every turn
  3. If your nation has reached the highest Tier, you can no longer grow
Now, 50 food is used every turn for growth, increasing the amount of population gained
Now, 50 food is used every turn for growth, increasing the amount of population gained

So, what’s the benefit?

Using manual growth you can consistently grow your population the maximum 1% regardless of the size of your stockpile (as long as you can afford it, of course).

And the downside?

If you forget to adjust the growth setting or switch it back to auto it can have fatal consequences if you’re running out of food. Your population will starve as you have forced a certain amount of the food stockpile to always be used for growth.

Used correctly, manual food surplus management is a powerful tool, but misuse it and your population is going to have a bad time. You’d be surprised how quickly your food stockpile can vanish if you forget to reset this setting.

Forget you changed to manual growth setting and your food stockpile is gone.

That’s the first guide! Hope you like it. More is sure to come. If you have any questions about this topic, or have any guide suggestions, please feel free to let us know in the forums.

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